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filter buddy, filter glove for dirty fluid change to have clean hands

CLEAN FLUID FILTER CHANGES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!  Check out more video on the social to the right --->

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2d drawing of filter buddy and all of its functions.

Deep channels and traction fingers both grip your filter, and hold what comes out of it. --->

<--- Designed to hold cartridge fluid filters and its dirty contents.

shows filter buddy holding a filter inside. showing how it completely encompases the entire filter and showing the inner traction fingers and cavity.

Made from RTV-2 Rubber, FILTER BUDDY is resistant to oil, Diesel, gas, hydraulic fluid, water, coolant, brake clean, UV, etc --->

filter buddy demonstration of different sizes to show how big and small frame filters can be used by one tool.

<--- Fits Friendly, to filters
2.5-3.5" in diamater

2.5-3.5" tall

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3D Printing Machine
using boyee 2 part silicone injection machine we are able to do in house projects for customers.

In house liquid silicone A&B machine allows for low waste and cost, at scale production. All while maintaining flexibility and customization preferences.

FILTER BUDDY website view.JPG

From idea, to paper, to CAD, Prototyping, testing and manufacturing. Having every step in house allows for the best in control, and quality of personal projects, and endeavors.

Nissan skyline gtr r32 r33 fuse box cover out of asa abs
ender 3  3d printers with pla asa tpu abs filaments
Nissan R32/33 GTR fuse box cover (ASA)
3D print precision
Thermal enclosures
Vent systems


Want to build your own idea??
Customize an existing product??

Using filament plastic such as PLA,ASA,TPU,ABS and many others allows low cost prototyping, mold production, design, and ready to use parts for real world applications.

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