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HOW do I clean/care for my Filter buddy? For single uses, every filter change the best way to care for your Filter Buddy is to turn it inside out, wash with dawn dish soap, warm water, and set out to dry with your other fiter change tools. OR, wipe with a shop rag and set upright for next time. For repeated back to back use, spray with brake cleaner or degreaser and wipe with rag. NOTE: repeated saturation with brake cleaner or other costic solvents will cause increased wear on your filter buddy. While it is acceptable to use, the prefered method for longevity is soap and water, or let set upright till the next time.

WILL Filter Buddy fit on my machine? While every machine is different, and plagued with its own challenges against the almighty creator of machines. "The Engineers". Filter buddy is designed to be the most compact, and versatile tool for fluid filters removal of 2.5"- 3.5" Width, to 2.5"-3.5" depth, and an interior cavity space big enough for those big jobs of fluid. For larger filters, please see "Filter Buddy LG" in SHOP. Releasing soon size of up to 3.5" width to 5.5" tall! As filter buddy expands, and grows with the world, we will be releasing more information, and testimonials as you loyal customers put Filter Buddy to WORK.

WILL Filter Buddy work on a horizontal filter? While Horizontal filters are among the most redicilous and agrivating things engineers have ever done. Filter buddy's design does allow for successful horizontal filter removal of SOME machine filters. Please see the youtube page at the right of the screen for successful horizontal filter techniques, tips and tricks >>>>

HOW to use Filter Buddy on cartridge filters. First, make sure the Filter Buddy you are using fits the size, and location of your filter. This will vary greatly between machines, and filters. SO BE CAREFUL! Do your pre service research of your machine to make sure you have the right Buddy for the job. Use should be straight foward. Crack your filter loose with tool, or hand of choice. Make sure that FIlter Buddy is pushed on as far as possible, contacting the machine if necessary. With even pressure, unscrew the filter smoothly, and slowly with both hands. Take care to catch all the fluid that comes out, and straight down from your drip point. Replace your old filter with a new one, and ENJOY. Furthur instructions, tips, tricks, and techniques can be found on the youtube link on the side of the page --->>>

TECHNICAL SPECS Please see the gallery, for visual specs of the products that I have them available.

WHAT if my filter is wider, or taller than 3.5"? GOOD NEWS!! Filter Buddy LG will be launching FALL of 2023. Supporting filters up to 3.5"wide, and 5.5" tall!! Shout out to all you DIESEL guys out there, we can change your diesel filters, larger oil filters, Hydraulic filters, coolant filers, and so much MORE!


CAN you scan something for me, reverse engineer, 3D print something, or turn into a CADD file, or STL file? WE CAN HELP! MMM is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA. If you are local, and would like to inquire more, reach out on our, contact page!

WHAT if I have car parts I want to R&D? YES!! We can help! While 3D printed parts do have their place, application, and limitation. We have ready to use carbon, PLA, ASA, NYLON, or any other strong and versitile filaments can also be used. OR, let us engineer you a negative for those carbon fiber fabric parts. OR, silcone castings for motor mounts. OR, multi part prototypes for rapid testing, fitting, and data collection. If you need to make it, WE can make a solution. Reach out on our, contact page.

HOW long does it take to create something? While the time is relavent to each method needed, its own characeristics, as well as what you are trying to accomplish. Some small, measure, print use parts can be as low as a few days. To complex projects like a motorized snowboard, that have dozens of R&D parts can take months. For more info, and potential estimates. PLEASE reach out on our, Contact Page.

WHAT if i have an idea that I would like to bring to life? WE CAN HELP! While the creation process can be long, hard and costly; here at MMM we can openly listen to your ideas. Create real world mechanical solutions, prototypes, manufacturing, and steps to not only keep your dreams alive, and sustainable, but above all bring them to life! If you have more questions please reach out on our, contact page.

WHAT if I have an idea for a silicone injected part? Please let us help! While MMM specializes in many forms of manufacturing, we have an in house silicone injection machine and mold, JIG. This allows us to go from idea, to prototype, to mold, to injection in just a few weeks. Have more questions on silicone injection? Give us a shout on our contact page.

I DID NOT, see what I was looking for here... If you have more questions. Really any at all, BIG or small. Please reach out to the info on the, Contact Page. Here at MMM we are but a small ship, looking to expand. So please be patient, and we will get to your question and respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. THANK YOU!! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!

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