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X Ray 3D Printer


Using modern 3d printing technology, LIDAR scanning and the leading CAD software.  M.M.M. offers creative prototyping and manufacturing processes for ALL of those out there wanting to bring a dream, or idea to life. 

Ender 3 printer in a climate controled room with ventelation for toxic chemicals.

3D Printers

With a small print farm of several 3D printers.  Prototyping AND full use small run production is accomplished with minimal cost, maximum cusomization, and complete creative feedom!

Man Scanning a Product
3D printed silicone injection mold

LIDAR 3D scanning

Using 3D scanning we can render, re-engineer and develop, just about anything with the right attitude, resources and skills.

Liquid silicone injection

Using 3d printed molds, a 2 part injection machine and a versatile jig; here at M.M.M, we can build fully custom molds and different silicons to  build your dream part. Whether it be for car parts, cosplay, or anything in between.

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