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Introducing FILTER BUDDY LARGE!  filter sizes  (3.5"-4.5" Width X 3.5"-5.5" Height!)  A filter changes best friend!  Gone are the days of changing those large, nasty, dirty fluid filters; leaking spent fluid over your tools, workspace, clothes and skin.  Use Filter Buddy LG to your advantage, with its inner traction fingers and  fluid channels.  Remove fluid filters in the worst of spots with clean, professional results. 1 piece RTV-2 Silicone construction for extreme durrability with, heat, chemical, oil, fuel, UV,  resistance.  Comes in a hot blue color with slight transparancy so you can see those fluids.  Ultimate in flexibility for those tightest of places.  If it cant fit... then we're fighting against the machine engineers.  From one mechanic to another, they are impossible.    PAT. PENDING


FILTER BUDDY LG (3.5"-4.5"W X 3.5"-5.5"H)

SKU: 364115376135191
Color: blue
Filter Buddy LG mold design is in the final phase! Looking to launch FALL 2023
  • Filter buddy is made up of a 2 part, RTV-2 rubber silicone.  Resistant to heat, UV, oil, gas, diesel, solvent, etc.  Although it is not tear or cut resistant,  Filter Buddy will help protect you from those hot, spent fluids and filters. Use as the perfect fluid collection cup.  Clean with a spray of brake clean if needed right away, or set upright and let the dirty fluid drip to the bottom for the next use.  Store anywhere you store your other oil collection tools. 

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